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Bed & Breakfast “ Le Betulle” is in the heart of the country with a panoramic view of the Appennino Bolognese.

It is a farm-house dating back to 1700, wisely re-built still mantaining its original structure in the observance of the ancient architecture and using old and original materials.

The re-building of the old oven in the outside recreates the magic scent of the ancient tradition of home-made bread and biscuits.

In the quiet sitting-room provided with a large fire-place it is possible to relax,watching TV or reading a book ; or outdoors you can take a walk in the park or in the country paths nearby.
Small pets accepted on request.

Fam. Dalfiume , tel e fax +39 051.949454 , cell +39 339.3093959 - 40060 Osteria Grande , Castel S. Pietro Terme (BO)